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remote cardiac rehabilitation for recovery and secondary prevention after a cardiac event

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehab is a program of exercise training and risk factor modification in patients who have survived a cardiovascular event. Every year, approximately 4 million individuals experience some form of a cardiac event, such as a cardiac arrest or a heart attack. After a cardiac event, an individual should enter into a cardiac rehab program, Cardiac rehab is a Class IA treatment meaning that it is highly recommended based on high-quality randomized clinical trial evidence.

Who is CardioBond?

CardioBond uses a blend of human interaction and technology to provide cardiac rehab outside of a clinical setting post a cardiac event. CardioBond’s behavioral-based technology platform uses defined human and environmental factors to customize a plan enabling individuals to adopt and maintain a more healthy lifestyle. CardioBond’s clients work with trained health coaches who use the platform to create a customized cardiac rehab program.

Why Cardiac Rehab Matters - Lifestyle Changes

Greater Control

Cardiac Rehab becomes part of your lifestyle

Lower Stress

Participation leads to a greater sense of control

Better Lifestyle

Cardiac Rehab leads to better lifestyle choices


Cardiac Rehab is the path to normalcy

Comprehensive Approach to Cardiac Rehab

CardioBond benefits all stakeholders


  • Provides customized programs according to need
  • Reduces admission delays
  • Provides flexible convenient scheduling
  • Sessions integrated into personal/work routine
  • Provides greater privacy
  • Reduces transportation barriers

Healthcare Providers

  • Extends reach outside the clinical setting
  • Expands access and capacity
  • Provides continued engagement with the patient
  • Reduces readmission rates


  • Extends reach of cardiac rehab programs, a Class 1A treatment
  • Reduces costs by reducing readmission rates